To provide, by Disabled Student Unit, equality of education for the students with special needs who are continuing their education at Istanbul Kültür University:

  • Peer mentoring support is provided in educational activities.
  • Support is provided for educational activities with a team of volunteer students who can speak Turkish Sign Language.
  • Tools and equipment that disabled students need to read/listen to books and study are provided in libraries.
  • It is accessible to the audio recordings and presentations of the courses.
  • In the courses, It is accessible to the materials such as wide print, e-text, audio file that are enriched with visual and audio resources.
  • Exam formats and duration are arranged according to needs.
  • Students with special needs can take the exam with an assistant (appointed by the university) to get help in reading, marking, writing.
  • Necessary arrangements are made in all course environments (laboratories, workshops, etc.).
  • Note taker support is provided if necessary.

Disabled Student Information Brochure