About us


To become a role model and pioneer to the university studies that are appropriate for the disabled access in Turkey and in the world.


To provide equal access to basic rights such as education, student life, academic and social support for every student studying at our university. Leading all of our students to have an accessible, hospitable and well-equipped learning environment throughout their university lives.

  • Respect
  • Global approach
  • Equality of opportunity
  • Secrecy
  • Unconditional Support
  • Accessibility
  • Volunteering
  • Collaboration
Prof. Dr. Nihal SARIER (Vice Rector; Head of the Board of Directors)
Spc. Dr. Dilek BAYKAL ( Head of Health, Culture and Sports Department, Coordinator)
Assoc. Prof. Evren Burak ENGİNÖZ (Faculty of Architecture, Member)
Asst. Prof. Adnan APTİ  (Faculty of Health Sciences, Member)
Asst. Prof. Meryem Demir GÜDÜL (Faculty of Education, Member)
Alev YILDIRIM (Guidance and Psychological Counseling UAM, Member)
Dr. Gabriela Oana OLARU (General Secretary Asst., Member)
Dr. Neslihan Fatma ER (Student Life, Career and Alumni Advisory Unit, Member)
Sennur YILMAZ    (Head of Student Affairs Department, Member)
Deha SEVGEN     (Head of Corporate Communication , Member)
Sezai TÜRKOĞLU (Head of Support Services, Member)
Ömür KINAY (Faculty of Arts and Design, Member)
Engr. Mehmet YÜCESAN (Head of Construction and Technical Affairs, Member)
Tolga ÖZDEMİR (Disabled Student Representative, Member)